Change links color in blogger post

 The appearance and the organisation of a blog in google blogger or any other platforme  is a very important factor in addition to the content, which gives the visitor an initial impression that the owner of the blog is a professional and organized person, which will encourage the visitor to spend more time in yout blog and to come back again in the futur.

Among the matters related to coordination is the color of external links, which is important  for the reader to notice that these are external or internal links and not a regular text.

How th change links color:

To change the color of the links inside blog posts, follow these easy simple steps:

1- Go to:  Theme ⇒ Edit HTML

2- Inside the HTML code of your theme click on (Ctrl+F) and search for this tag:


3- just above it past this simple one line code:

.entry-content a { color: #272eef !important; }

4- replace the red text with color you want.

That's it 👍

Color picker

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