How to add currency converter gadget in blogger

 If you have  news or economic blog and want to make it more professional, you can do so by adding a small tool which is the currency converter, this tool allows the visitor to convert currencies directly without leaving your blog in many different currencies.

To add the currency converter gadget in blogger just follw the steps bellow:

1- Go to this site :

2- Go to Widgets in the main menu, than choose currency converter from the sub menu

3- Three currency converter types will appear:

- Horizontal Currency Converter: Generally used for horizontal gadgets like footer or inside posts.
- Vertical Currency Converter: Used for the sidebar gadget
- Simple Currency Converter: With fixed currency, you can't choose currency from a drop-down list

4- Let's add a gadget to the sidebar, Copy the code in front of Vertical Currency Converter

5- Go to blogger ⇒ Layout  ⇒ Add Gadget from the side bar ⇒  Html/JavaScript 

6- Past the code in the gadget content

7- Customize the default currency and values:

By default the currencies are from USD to Euro, you can change it to any other currency,

In the code change "usd" and "eur" by any other currency, you can find the currencies abbreviation in the left side of the page.

You may want to add the converter inside a specefic post, to do so just past the code inside your post in the HTML editor mode.

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