How to customize thumbnail photo in blogger

 The featured image (thumbnail) is the image that appears on the first page next to the article snippet in your blog homepage, and its role is to give a good impression about the content of the post.

How to set custom Thumbnail image in Blogger:

First, why should we change the featured image?

As you know, Blogger automatically takes the first image in the post and places it as a featured image, but sometimes this image is not suitable as a thumbnail, which forces you to include another unnecessary image in the beginning of the post to appear in front of the text snippet in the home page.
To customize the thumbnail photo just follow this easy simple steps:

1- Choose the image you want to use as a thumbnail, it is better to use a small size photo so that it take less time to load the page.
2- Insert the photo anywere in your blog post, right click and copy the image adresse than delete it.
3- Swith the blog post editor to HTML mode.
4- At the begening of the post past this code:

<img src="url" style="display:none;">

5- Replace url with the photo adresse and that's all.
So all what we did is insert a photo and hide it.

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