How to write math formulas in Blogger

 If you have an Educational or scientific blog you definitely face the problem of writing mathematical formulas and equations in blogger posts or any other platform.

To write math equations just follow these simple steps:

1- Go Theme ⇒ Edit HTML, inside the head element past the code bellow:

2- Save theme and go back to your blog post.

3- Go to this site:

4- The site is self-explained, just choose a mathematical pattern and edit it in the editor zone, then check the preview.

5 - After your finish your formula scroll down and choose LATEX from the drop-down menu, then copy the code inside the box.

6- Paste the code in the place you want it to appear in your post then save.

7- Publish you post and check the result.

How to left align the LATEX equations:

By default the equation will be center aligned, to make it to left (or right) add this CSS code to your theme above (/b:skin) tag:

Let me know in the comments bellow if it works.


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