Connect LWS domain with Blogger and setup custom Email

After you order a domain name from LWS it's time now to connect it with your Blogger blog, the procedure has been a little bit changed with the new Blogger interface 2020.

LWS is one of the best choices when looking for a domain name, it offers you in addition to the domain name two custom Email address and 2GO of free storage space.

In this article we will cover in details:

Link LWS domain with Blogger.

Setup custom Email address.

Link LWS domain with Blogger:

To connect the domain with your blog follow the steps one by one:

1- Go to Blogger dashboard ⇒ Settings ⇒ Publishing, click on Custom domain.

2- After you click on save a new message appear with the DNS value of your blog:

There are two DNS values, each value has a name and a destination, it looks like this:

Name                  destination



3- Now go to LWS panel, connect with your client name and password, You find the link to LWS panel and your client name and password in the email that you receive after you purchase the domain.

4- After you connect to your pannel click on (Domain & Hosting)

5- In the row of your domain name click on Admin:

6- Scroll down then go to Domain management

7- Click on DNS zone management

8- Finaly you are in the place where you should enter your blog DNS value, scroll down you find a table with four columns value: Type - Nom - Valeur - TTL
Look for the row with: Type= CNAME, Nom=WWW, Valeur  and TTL empty.
Click on edit then enter the first DNS value of your blog:

Type = CNAME (already exist)
Nom = WWW (already exist)
Valeur =
TTL = 6 heurs
And save.

Now enter the second DNS value from the top of the table :

This an example of the second DNS value (each blog has its different values):

Type = CNAME 
Nom = co7yz2cs4f2a
Valeur =
TTL = 6 heurs
Then click on Ajouter.

9- Last thing is to add Blogger IP address, add a new row with this values:
Type = A
Nom = @
Valeur = or (
TTL = 15min
Then click on Ajouter.

10- Return back to blogger and click on save:

Now the domain is connected with  your blog, wait few hours (from 1 to 24 hrs) and the domain will be operational.

How to setup LWS custom Email address:

One of the biggest advantages of using LWS domain is that you benefit from 02 Email address customised on your domain name with 2GO storage space.
To setup the mail adress follow the steps bellow:

1- Go to your pannel, Domain & Hosting , Your domain , Admin.
scroll down under Email addresses click on Emails Management

2- Scroll down, under Create an email adress choose a custom Email name like Admin, contact or your name, set the password then click on  Valider:

3- Your Email is already created, there are two ways to use the mails service:
- Setup your mail address with a mails program like Outlook, for that you have to save the connection parameters in the green box:

4- Or you can use LWS classic mail board, it is similar to any other mail management system like gmail or yahoo, to connect to your mail management dashboard go to you panel ⇒ webmail , enter your domain name then click on login:

5- A new window will open, enter your mail name and password then connect:

6- You are now in your webmail pannel where you can send and receive mail like any other mail provider.

That's all friends, if you face any problem let me know in the comments.

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