How to add Facebook Messenger chat Gadget to Blogger

Communicate with your customers and followers is a very important part of online business, whether you are a marketer or a content maker, you need to give your followers the ability to communicate with you easily and without complications.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular apps of communication and chat, so it becomes one of the first options in case you decide to add a chat box to your site.

Facebook allows us to include the Messenger chat box for Facebook pages in an easy and simple way, so it is important to have a Facebook page for your site or company.

How to add Messenger chat box to Blogger:

To do that just follow these easy and simple steps:

1- Go to your facebook page dashboard and click on Settings

2- In the setting menu go to Messaging:

3- Scroll down in the Messaging menu then click on "Add messenger to your website" and click on "next".

4- In the next window customize you chatbox by choosing the language, the welcome message and guest chat mode, if the guest chat mode is checked the visitors can chat with your Facebook page admin without sign in to Facebook, then click on next.

5- In this window choose colours, spacing and left or right alignment, at the bottom choose if the box will expand auto or only after a click, then click on next.

6- The final step, add you blog domaine, and copy the code snippet  by one click.

7- Now go to Layout in the Blogger dashboard, and click on "Add a gadget", choose "HTML JavaScript" anywhere in your Layout section, then paste the code snippet in the Gadget content and save.

8- Finally, go to your blog and refresh to check the changes, send a test message to your page and message back to see if it works.

I hope it will work with you, see you in another tip.

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